Corporate Information

WeFIT Limited, registered as a corporate entity in Hong Kong in 2010, has recently set up a subsidiary. WeFIT UK, as the operating company will take advantage of the Feed-In-Tariffs in the United Kingdom, which are guaranteed for 20 years.

WeFIT UK has begun its wind farm development in the United Kingdom. WeFIT is currently expanding in Nova Scotia, Canada.
WeFIT UK’s business model is simple:

•    lease land
•    install wind turbines
•    sell electrical power into the power grid; and
•    collect revenue streams for investors.   

With an extensive team of experienced leaders in the global wind energy industry, a WeFIT Wind Farm Development is an opportunity to participate in one of the most vibrant, expansive and profitable green market sectors in renewable energy.  

Our goal is to provide clean green electricity through our development activities..

Our Edge

Tailored Experience - With a track record of success in the small to mid wind power sector and with professionals and technicians dedicated to engineering, project management and related services - WeFIT is committed to innovation and significant returns on investment.  We tailor our solutions to meet stakeholder needs.

Management - The wind turbine service technicians at WeFIT are devoted to excellence and are project managers with the knowledge, technical skill and experience to perform in all areas of wind turbine scheduled maintenance and ongoing management. Their goal is excellence in environmental responsibility while ensuring healthy revenue streams and profitability for investors.

Innovative growth opportunities - WeFIT will take advantage of the multitude of opportunities in wind power along the entire value added chain. We will expand our business growth potential in foreign markets in the future, using the successful model of our established UK Wind Farms.

Our growth strategy is stable, opportunistic and well balanced.  It allows WeFIT to drive development forward dynamically and sustainably; competence that counts.  Today UK -tomorrow the world.

Our Services

Project conceptualization
Asset development
Project feasibility assessment
Economic modeling
Finance structuring
Due diligence review
Project management