About WeFIT

WeFIT Limited has extensive experience in the global wind energy industry. WeFIT Wind Farms provide investors with an opportunity to participate in one of the most expansive and profitable Green Market sectors, Renewable Energy, in Canada, the UK and other countries where the governments have mandated to have 35% electric power generated from renewable energy sources by 2020.

WeFIT’s success is attributed to careful site selection and land acquisition, optimized site layouts and in-depth community and farmer consultation. Our teams prepare and submit project planning applications, addressing all aspects of the development process, from commissioning environmental studies to liaising with Government Agencies and the local communities.

The essential key to developing a Wind Farm is securing planning approval and WeFIT is well positioned for successful implementation having assembled key site properties, combined with proficient wind turbines, and unprecedented power generation statistics.

Working with WeFIT on a Wind Farm FIT (Feed-In Tariff) project will not only promote green energy but a timely return on investment with future ongoing, lucrative cash flow revenues.