WeFIT Wind Farm Management

Wind power can be a cost effective, alternative energy resource, but only if the wind turbine is operating at peak performance. The highly skilled service professionals and accredited management team at WeFIT will keep our investor's Wind Farm Turbines working at their highest level of efficiency to maximize energy output and revenue.

The wind turbine service technicians at WeFIT are devoted to excellence. We have project managers and technicians with the knowledge, technical skill and experience to perform in all areas of wind turbine scheduled maintenance and ongoing management, ensuring healthy revenue streams and profitability.

WeFIT will exploit the multitude of opportunities in wind power along the entire value added chain. To this effect, we will expand our business growth potential in foreign markets in the future; using the successful model of our established UK Wind Farms. Our growth strategy is stable and well balanced allowing WeFIT to drive company development forward dynamically and sustainably; competence that counts. Our primary goal is economic success combined with environmental responsibility; these are clear distinguishing characteristics of WeFIT’s Wind Farm Management.